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Drying Herbs – Thyme

There are a couple different ways to dry herbs but today we will be talking about using a food dehydrator, which in my opinion is the easiest and most successful way. 

The manufacturer recommends taking the herb directly from the garden, shaking or brushing any dirt off & dehydrating immediately.  However, I find that with our sandy soil there always seems to be some grit left after dehydrating.  Therefore, I always rinse the herb off (in this case Thyme) and then pat it  dry on a papertowel before using the dehydrator.  There is nothing worse than biting down on a grain of sand.

Once it is dry (follow the manufacturer’s instructions on heat setting and time), you will take each stalk, pinch it and in a downward motion go all the way down the stalk to remove the little Thyme leaves.  Warning: this is very time consuming and somewhat of a pain.  However most recipes that call for Thyme use a very small quantity – so a little really will go a long way.


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